Monday, May 28, 2012

Custom Charms

Monday once again...
I have been working on a custom charm this morning. In an effort to provide a few more ideas and a little more inspiration for anyone who may be thinking of ordering a custom made charm, I have decided to post photos of others that I have created. As I endeavor to make no two charms the same, I can reproduce a similar one but it won't be exactly the same.
When ordering a custom charm there are several things to consider.
What colours does the person like to wear, what size (smaller or larger and shape) , what do they like , e.g., travel themes, flowers (what type), birds, buildings, patterns, books, their own photo etc, and do they have a favourite saying, verse or quote or maybe they would rather have their initial, name or children's names? 
That's just a few things to keep in mind. If it is all too tricky, you could give me some clues and I could certainly come up with the design for you. I also have a charm price and size list that I can email to you if you would like one.

If you would like to order a custom charm or you would like me to send you the price list please feel free to email me.
I had better get back to some charm making- the shop is looking a little bare : )
Have a happy week,

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