Sunday, July 1, 2012

Soldered Bubbles

I have been working on some soldered bubble charms today. Each one holds some surprise as to how they will turn out as the bubbles of glass all have little imperfections that really only show once the charm is soldered. This is what makes them look sort of magical especially in a time when there is almost too much perfection at the expense of character and charm.
The bubbles above are yet to be soldered but I do have some available today.
The majority are small bubbles and cost $15 each. There are a couple of larger ones for $20 each. 
They make a perfect little gift tied on a ribbon or on a chain.
: ) Angela

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  1. HI! where i cand find this or soldered charms for to do? i would like to make this for myself. My english is bad! sorry, i would like to buy the pieces for to make. Where? thank you so much!