Monday, September 24, 2012

Opening hours this week...

 Hello everyone!
I hope you are all enjoying the start of Spring as much as I am. I just had to pick a bowl of flowers to take to the shop with me. For all those who may not know, this is the Carnival of Flowers week in the Toowoomba area. There's lots happening around here and I must say that if you haven't had a wander around Toowoomba's gardens, you are missing out on some very lovely flower displays! Due to the carnival and start of the school holidays I will be opening from Tuesday to Sunday this week instead of my usual Thursday to Sunday. I have however come down with a rather heavy cold so if it progresses into something worse, this may indeed change. Best call on 07 46 154 193 before you head out of Toowoomba just to check or maybe take your chances as there are plenty of other lovely shops in Highfields and Cabarlah to wander around. 
 The next- 9th edition- JDL will soon be on it's way and I will let you know when it arrives.
 I still have a few copies of Amazing Retreats ($55) left and just one French Atmospheres ($65).
 There is still time to preorder A Touch of France the new JDL Christmas book. These should be coming mid October all going to plan. 
Have a good week...stop and enjoy the gardens if you can,


  1. Such a beautiful time of the year. Thank you for opening your beautiful shop for us a little longer. Hope your cold disappears soon. x Cate

  2. Hi Angela, Have only just checked your shop blog. Sorry to hear you are poorly! Hope you are on the mend! Will phone before I head up the highway. Love the flowers! :-)