Friday, May 3, 2013

Book News

 I have now had news that the new book that was due for release in May will only be available from mid June. So we will all have to hold on a little longer.
I also had news though that Jeanne d'Arc Living will be releasing a new book sometime in September called French Finesse with a Nordic Twist. I for one can't wait! They always publish the most superb books. Full of photos shot in natural light giving it a softness and elegance that is not often seen- BEAUTIFUL!

French Finesse with a Nordic Twist
"French Finesse is the continuation to our two previous cloth-bound coffee table books – The basic introduction to interior decoration: French Sensations; and our gardening book: French Moods.This time we’ll focus on the details, taking a closer look at what it takes to add finesse and sophistication in your decorating.As always, the 400+ beautiful photographs were all shot in natural daylight." ~ Jeanne d'Arc Living

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